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Get Well

Get Well is an iOS App designed for patients and doctors to keep track of medicines, create schedule dosages and create contact lists. The owner of Get Well in Los Angeles, approached me to create the user experience and interface design of the app.  In addition, I updated the brand and logo to match their full customer experience.

The views in this case study are my own and do not represent Get Well or any of their brands.

Role: Lead Product UX/UI Designer

Project: iOS app

Year: 2015

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To start the project I interviewed Armando (the owner) to fully understand his and the team’s objectives for the app. I needed to find out who the users where and what features they wanted. At a later stage, they were planning to translate the app into several languages, I had to consider this for my designs to make sure big words could fit and the product could scale.

Tool Stack.


Get Well was a brand new app and we needed to be quite lean with the amount of time and money we could spend on the UX process and user testing. Considering this I used a stripped back version of what I do for big commercial clients. This gave the team a solid design for a tested and market-ready product. The team already had a list of features they wanted in the app which I used for a base on my designs. Some of the requested features were:

  • Organize multiple treatments, with a different medication, duration, dose frequency, and end date.
  • View treatments in a clean and simple colour-coded timetable.
  • Send automatic notifications straight to your phone.
  • List doctors details
  • List patients details


I conducted competitive analysis research on similar products that were already out on the international apps market. I found that many apps did not offer the same features that they were wanting and I knew at this point that we could create something unique that would stand out. From this research, I was also able to see and capture the different styles of interfaces from competitor apps and pinpoint what was working and what could be improved. I held an online persona creation workshop with the team and we produced two personas that we could then reference throughout the project.

Project Management.

Get Well was an international project and we communicated online via Slack, Skype and InVision. There was a big time difference between Sydney and Los Angeles but with these tools, communication ran smoothly. By using the share features in the InVision Craft plugin I could show and explain the designs to the team in real time while we spoke on Skype. For task management, we used Trello and set up swimming lanes for tasks to move across as we progressed in the project.

Wireframes & User Flows.

I sketched initial designs in sharpies and pencils on paper and then took photos and shared them with the USA team via InVision. We set up virtual meetings and spoke about the features and how I had shown them in my designs.  We continued this way until they liked how it was working, from then I took the wireframes digital into Sketch and elaborated. I created User flows to show all the touch points of screens.

Prototyping & Usability testing.

For the Get Well app, I made clickable prototypes in InVision and shared links so we could have them on our own iPhones. We then found user groups of people in our networks that regularly took medicine. I crafted a script of questions to ask them. Without access to a lab, we decided to do guerilla style user testing sessions with them. The benefits of doing this type of testing session were that it wasn’t expensive or time-consuming and we got honest results from people straight away on the spot. From this feedback, we added some more features and changed ones we already had.

Some of the feedback was:

“I love the simple friendly colours and designs. It makes me want to pick it up and use it right away!” Caroline

“It would be great if I can have my family listed and get alerts about when they need to take medicine” Carlos

“Good work! This app will make my life a lot easier. Now I won’t have to set reminders on my calendar all the time” Lucas

Interface & Identity Design.

Get Well was a brand new app and they needed a fresh logo to go with it. I did some brainstorm sessions with them on what they imagined the brand needed to feel and look like. They told me descriptive words and referred me to some logos they liked, I then started to design the current logo in Sketch. Once they were happy with it we began the UI design in Sketch. I created some initial screens showing a few different UI styles on how we could present the interface. Once they had chosen this direction I created the style guide with typography, colours, icons and components and created what I could into symbols to make designing easier. For handover, to the developers, I used InVision inspect which made it easy for them to see the sizes of everything and download all the assets.


Get Well was successfully released to the app store and Armando and the team were happy with the result, some feedback was:



“Julio did an incredible job on my app. He went beyond what I asked for, stuck to deadlines, communicated frequently, and delivered everything in a professional manner. Julio was very easy to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate to use him again.”
Armando Carmona Director | Get Well

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