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Design Mentorship. Elevate your professional journey and enhance your skills as a designer.

Hi, I'm Julio 👋

Throughout my journey, I’ve had the privilege of guiding and nurturing numerous designers, fostering growth both within professional settings and educational institutions such as General Assembly and Academy Xi in Sydney, Australia.
These experiences have granted me invaluable insights into the most effective strategies and approaches within the world of UX & UI design, enabling designers to truly make a difference and shine. In my mentoring program, I am prepared to lead you through the essential stages for advancement, facilitating transitions in the tech industry, and providing comprehensive career guidance.

Why do I need a mentor?

Mentors are essential guides. They bring expertise and a fresh perspective, helping emerging designers overcome blind spots that hinder growth. Drawing from their experience, mentors offer actionable insights, bridging theory and practice and instilling the confidence to tackle complex issues.
This mentor-mentee relationship accelerates learning, leading to breakthroughs that might take longer to achieve alone. With mentors, designers become empowered navigators of their field, emerging as confident innovators poised to impact the evolving design landscape.

Who is mentoring for?

Mentorship is valuable for newcomers aiming to establish themselves, seasoned designers in pursuit of advanced growth, and those who have already undergone training, such as university programs or boot camps, seeking to delve into more specialized skill sets.
A good mentee approaches the mentorship with a genuine desire to learn and grow. They are receptive to new ideas, perspectives, and feedback, and they actively seek opportunities to expand their knowledge and skills.


Jordan (1)
Jordan Woods
Product Designer

I had an amazing opportunity to be mentored by Julio. His extensive experience, profound knowledge, and insightful grasp of user experience and psychological behavioral patterns ultimately paved the way for me to secure a full-time position. I am grateful for his mentorship and would endorse him to anyone entering the industry or seeking to enhance their skills. You won’t be treated as just another individual, he genuinely invests time to help you grow personally and as a designer. Thank you.  – Jordan

jake (1)
Jake Leenheers
Senior User Experience Designer

I had the privilege of being mentored by Julio during my time learning UX and UI at Academy XI back in 2020. Julio’s guidance went beyond the practical and theoretical aspects of UX, he consistently provided constructive feedback on my process, and storytelling/presentation style, and offered invaluable career advice that extended beyond the duration of the course. Experiencing mentorship from someone with such an inspiring career journey has fueled my own aspirations to continue learning and growing as a designer, and I’m genuinely grateful for the solid foundations he taught me. – Jake

matt (1)
Matt Commons
UX / UI Designer

Julio was a terrific mentor, he clearly had a wealth of knowledge and experience in UX methods & UI design. His guidance helped provide me with a better understanding of Human Centred Design and how powerful translating research into a professional end product can be. – Matt

Jen (1)
Visual Designer

I had the privilege of being mentored in UX | UI by Julio at Academy XI. Julio’s guidance has been transformative, equipping me with the skills and insights needed to excel in the field. He has the ability to break down complex concepts, provide actionable feedback, and create a collaborative learning environment. Thanks to his mentorship, I approach UX | UI design challenges with confidence and deliver user-centered solutions. I can’t recommend his mentoring enough for anyone looking to thrive in the world of UX UI design. – Jenny Clarke 

jenny kim (1)
Telstra Health
UX Designer

“Passionate, motivational, and expert” are the words I would use to describe Julio. Julio was my UX/UI design mentor for 10 weeks. I didn’t know what to expect when I signed up for the online course, but I learned so much more than I could ever expect. He got to know all the students doing the course, motivated us and kept in communication with us on a regular basis.

I was impressed by Julio’s expertise, passion, and deep knowledge of UX/UI which he taught to us online by providing us with examples and his experiences as a Senior UX/UI designer. I also valued the experience in hearing from the variety of guest speakers he introduced to us. Above all, Julio always provided a strong connection between the course material and the real-life world as a UX/UI professional which is what I needed. I’m glad to have completed my course and met Julio as my mentor. I’d be happy to recommend him to anyone!

steph chung (1)
Product Designer

Julio was a wealth of knowledge while I was completing my UX/UI design certificate. His enthusiasm to uplift and guide future designers to the next level was paramount in cementing my decision to pursue a career in UX design. Without his guidance and advice, I wouldn’t have found the courage to dive deeper into the world of UX design and would recommend him as a solid source of insight to anyone wanting to explore this field.

jimmy (1)
Commonwealth Bank
Insight Analyst

During 10 weeks of intensive UX/UI Intermediate Design course, Julio was my mentor for this course. He is a very professional mentor who demonstrates his skill-sets to students where he taught me and classmates all the UX concepts in detail. Julio is a very approachable and dedicated mentor who likes to spend time with his students to get the best experience out of this course. Also, during the phase of my project, he was able to give valuable feedback on where I could improve before the submission date. Therefore I highly recommend Julio as a UX/UI Mentor.

aimee (1)
Blue Sky Design Group

Julio was my mentor during a 10-week UX/UI online course.
I was initially unsure of how an online-only course would go, but Julio kept checking up on our progress and encouraging the group to be engaged and make sure we were on track. He provided us with useful resources and tips with his experiences as a UX designer and went above and beyond in his video sessions, just to make sure we were all familiar with the coursework so we could apply skills to our own projects. I have learned so much through this course and I’m glad to have had Julio as my mentor!

Frost Collective
Senior Design Manager

Julio led classes I attended at Academy Xi (User Experience Design Elevate) 2019-2020. Julio was highly engaging in his delivery and beyond this, approachable and incredibly knowledgeable of the topics while simultaneously applying solid, common sense and well-constructed approaches to the science that is, User Experience Design. – Kylie

Kasia (1)
Senior Product Designer

My time being mentored by Julio at Academy Xi was invaluable. He effortlessly managed to distill complex concepts into understandable and relatable insights, making the learning process engaging and enjoyable. What truly sets Julio apart is his ability to stay up-to-date with the latest processes and trends in the field. I highly recommend Julio, for effective coaching and direction.

Manon (1)
Australian Broadcasting Network (ABC)
Product Designer

Julio mentored me during a recent UX/UI design course in Sydney. Julio is an exceptional educator with deep expertise in the fields of UX/UI and Product Design. Julio’s passion for design is infectious and he creates an engaging and inspirational learning space. He is able to seamlessly intertwine theory and practice, sharing many valuable real-world insights along the way. I’m immensely grateful for the knowledge and inspiration Julio shared, it played no small part in my successful transition into a Product Design role that I love.

Adrienne (1)
EY Technology Consulting
Senior Manager | Data & Analytics

Julio served as my instructor and mentor during a 10-week UX/UI Design course with Academy Xi. Besides delivering the course content in an engaging, fun and easily digestible format, he went above and beyond to provide highly personalised feedback and guidance throughout the course. Julio’s teaching style was practical and grounded in real-world examples, which made the learning experience exceptionally valuable. He encouraged us to think creatively, tackle problems practically and design the best experience for end users. Julio’s mentorship was a game-changer in my learning journey, and I highly recommend him to anyone aspiring to thrive in UX/UI design.

I can help you with

  • Portfolio Review and Critique: Offer in-depth feedback on your design portfolio, to help you showcase your best work effectively. Also, help guide the design of your portfolio if you don’t have one.
  • Design Workshops and Skill Development: Organise personalised workshops on specific design skills such as user experience (UX) design, user research, user interface (UI) design, prototyping, and much more.
  • One-on-One Design Sessions: Provide personalised design coaching and guidance through individual sessions, helping you work through specific design challenges, brainstorm ideas, and improve your design projects.
  • Career Guidance and Goal Setting: Assist you in setting career goals, creating actionable plans for professional growth, and offering insights into industry trends and opportunities.
  • Design Critiques and Feedback: Offer constructive critiques of your’ design work, helping you improve your designs, understand design principles, and refine your problem-solving skills.
  • Mock Interviews and Portfolio Presentation: Conduct mock interviews and guide you on how to present your work effectively during interviews, preparing you for the job application process.
  • Networking and Industry Insights: Share insights into the design industry, connect you with relevant contacts, and provide guidance on building a professional network.
  • Design Research and User-Centered Design: Teach methodologies for conducting user research, understanding target audiences, and creating designs that prioritize user needs and preferences.
  • Personal Branding and Online Presence: Guide you on how to establish a personal brand as a designer, create an online presence, and effectively showcase your work on social media and design platforms.
  • Transitioning into Design: Assist you in transitioning into the field of UX, UI, and Product design, providing guidance on building a design portfolio and acquiring relevant skills.

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